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Until I moved to Bangalore for work, restaurant visits or dinner dates or eating out was not heard of at home or infact in our small part of the city that I come up. In contrary to how I was brought up, Bangalore seemed to thrive on restaurants and people were not hesitant to spend a few thousand bucks on a single meal. It all seemed super crazy to the just-out-college person that I was. Slowly I got sucked into the culture – thanks to the regular team lunches and birthday treats. During one such visit to a popular restaurant called Barbeque Nation, I happened to taste these Crispy Cajun Potatoes. For the potato lover in me, they were such a treat. It was love at first bite. The next few days I bugged my sister and mom talking only about these awesome baby potatoes fried crisp, tossed in a creamy sauce. Few years later when my family visited Bangalore, we all went to Barbeque Nation only to taste these Cajun Spiced Potatoes. Needless to say, the sister loved them too. Till this day, Grilled Pineapple and Crispy Cajun Potatoes are our favorites from this restaurant.

Owing to being calorie conscious and feeling ridiculous spending hefty prices at the restaurants, we have been avoiding all the eating out for the last two years. Also, I have been creating everything we would like to eat out, at home – which is becoming a huge hit! This is one such recipe which turned out great in the very first trial and I am sure this is going to be regular at our place. Imagine making this Crispy Cajun Potatoes at home for less than 2 tbsp of oil and minimal spices found in our kitchen cabinets – tasty as well as healthy. You are going to be amazed by the simplicity of this recipe!


To make Crispy Cajun Potato | Barbeque Nation Style

  • Servings: 2-4
  • Difficulty: Easy
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What I used –
  • Baby Potatoes, 10-15
  • Oil, 1-2 tbsp
  • Eggless Mayonnaise, 2.5 tbsp
  • Red Paprika Powder, 1 tsp + ½ tsp
  • Garlic Powder, 3/4th tsp
  • Dried Oregano, Thyme, Parsley and Basil Powder, 1 tsp ( Mixed Italian Herbs)
  • Dried Red Chilli Flakes, ½ tsp
  • Salt, as required
  • Finely Chopped Onions, 2 tbsp (or 1 small onion)


How I made –

1. Wash the baby potatoes thoroughly until clean and boil them until 3/4th done, along with the skin. Once cooled down, press each baby potato in such a way that it turns flat (as shown below)


2. In a nonstick pan, heat oil. Place the pressed down baby potatoes next to each other and let them cook for 2-3 mins on each side. After 10-15 min of tossing and turning, the baby potatoes should turn crispy and golden brown. Remove them onto a bowl. Sprinkle some salt on them.


3. Meanwhile, in a small bowl – mix eggless mayonnaise, 1 tsp of red paprika powder, garlic powder, dried oregano, thyme, parsley and basil mix, dried red chilli flakes and salt. Mix well.prep3

4. Just before serving, mix the prepared cajun spiced mayonnaise with the crispy fried baby potatoes. Serve immediately with finely chopped onions and a sprinkle of red paprika powder on top.


Note –
  • Instead of baby potatoes, regular potatoes can be used. Cut each potato into 4 chunks depending on the size.
  • The skin of the baby potato turns very crispy and adds to the texture of the dish – do not remove the skin.
  • While pressing the boiled potatoes, they might not turn perfectly flat and break unevenly – which is quite alright.
  • The Cajun Spice Mix consists of paprika powder, garlic powder, dried Italian herbs, chilli flakes and onion powder along with salt. I did not use store bought Cajun spice mix as I had most of individual ingredients except for onion powder – which didn’t impact the taste. If you have Cajun spice mix, add it directly.
  • Mix the spiced mayo with crispy potatoes just before serving, else they would turn soggy.

52 thoughts on “Crispy Cajun Potato | Barbeque Nation Style | Restaurant Food at Home

  1. I am missing BBQ nation like anything! **bawls** This looks awesome, GB. Am going to try it for sure. And hey, apdiye do you have the recipe for crispy corn? **keeps one paavam face**

    1. Oh big hugs Maya 🙂 Pls do try this out – I am sure you will like it 🙂 Crispy Corn ah.. you dont know what a big disaster it was the day sister and I tried it at home. Corn started blasting *literally* in the hot oil and we both hid ourselves until amma finished cleaning the oil laden kitchen 😀 😀 Someone suggested pricking each corn kernel with a safety pin to avoid this happening, but seemed too much of an effort to try again * also Amma gave one stern look at both of us* Will update the recipe if I get successful with the attempt:D

  2. I love BBQ Nation’s Cajun spiced potatoes, and we have often had buffets there only for this dish! 🙂 I am so going to try this at home. 🙂

    Red paprika powder is red chilli powder or different?

    1. TGND, paprika powder is not red chilli powder. If I am not wrong, this is made from red capsicum/red bell peppers. It doesnt taste too spicy and in fact a little tangy. If you dont have it, you can substitute it with Kashmiri chilli powder – but I think it can too overpowering and spicy unlike the paprika powder.

  3. While making sauce they add onions too..secret ingredient ;).jus blend mayo with onions,salt,red paprika…and c the magic in taste..

  4. This has always been my favorite at BBQ Nation.. Thanks for sharing.. I am going to try this out this weekend! 🙂

  5. This is a Wonderful, Delicious ? Recipe…Finally I found the right information to cook nd ingredients too…tnk u so much ?

  6. Where do we get the ingredients to prepare sauce in Bangalore? I have not heard some of the items you mentioned. Please help to find them.

    1. Hi Pavan, I stay in Bangalore too and got everything from here only 🙂 Any super market has this stuff these days. For thyme, parsely, oregano Italian spice mix and red chilli flakes- you can use the tiny packets that come along with pizza. Or else, the same are available in small jars too – Keya Brand. Eggless Mayonnaise is available in Fun Foods or Delmonte. Garlic Powder is available in Keya in small jars.

      Hope this helped.

  7. I tried this at home with normal potatoes. And it came out very well!! My family loved it! Thanks a lot for the recipe ??

    I used half the amount of normal chilly powder. And I used the chilly flakes and oregano mix which I saved from Domino’s ? And I mixed the onions in the Mayo itself.

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