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Today is Ayudha Puja and we celebrate it by cleaning all the tools and vehicles, decorating them for all the help they extend us through out the year. I’m posting one of my favorite sweet recipes – Rasagullas!

Moving on to this recipe, I love Rasagullas and have tried it a only a couple of times so far. Not sure why I haven’t got around doing this much. Ok I know – Dad would get us a tin of Haldiram’s Rasagullas occasionally and we would have our sweet fix for the next week or so. Over the years, I have not been enjoying tinned Rasagullas for they have a leathery texture. And soon this spongy sweet was forgotten. One night last week I was browsing something on my phone and I had this sudden urge to make Rasagullas at home – no it had nothing to do with what I was browsing 😀 I am weird like that. The very next day I set out to work on my recipe and in no time we had spongy juicy succulent Rasagullas with us. If I would make one modification to this recipe, its to add a drop of rose essence which I didn’t have handy then. In spite of it, it was loved by everyone and I am sure its going to be a regular in our household.




What I used – 

  • Milk, 1/2 ltr
  • Lemon Juice, from one lemon (can use vinegar too)
  • Sugar, 1 cup
  • Water, 2 cups
  • Rose essence/Cardamom, 1/2 tsp/2 pods


How I made – 

  1. In a pot, bring milk to boil. Keep stirring it as to not let the layer of cream to be formed on top.
  2. When the milk gets to the first boil, take it off the heat and wait for a minute. Dilute lemon juice/vinegar in some water and add it to the milk in three installments. Keep the milk stirring and it should curdle in a minute.
  3. Remove the curds from the whey(the watery content) by draining it onto a thin muslin cloth. Wash the curds in normal/ cold water for a couple of times to remove the flavour of lemon.
  4. Gently squeeze out the excess whey from the curds but dont apply too much pressure. Knot the muslin cloth and hang it over for about 30 mins so that all the water content is removed.
  5. Meanwhile, bring sugar and water to boil in a pressure cooker/wide mouthed pot. Add cardamom pod/ rose essence.
  6. Take out the milk curds and knead it for about 7 mins into a smooth dough and make equal sized balls out of it. Do not make the balls too bigger as they would puff up after getting cooked in the sugar syrup. Also ensure that there are no creases on the rolled balls which would break open while cooking.
  7. Gently drop the Rasagulla balls in the syrup and cook them covered for about 15 mins on medium flame. The Rasagullas should have doubled in size.
  8. Let them cool for about 30 mins before putting them into the refrigerator. Serve chilled.



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  1. Drooling.. I made rasagullas at home for the first time last week, and it was a big flop.. 🙁 The balls were too hard, as in kozhukkattai consistency..

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