Aloo Buns | Stuffed Masala Buns | Tea Time Snack Recipe


Masala buns or stuffed aloo buns are very popular tea time snack in many places in India. Any bakery is not complete with buns, especially these stuffed savory buns. It’s been on my to-do list for a long time to try making buns at home. I don’t know what stopped me from trying these buns at home for all these years. On one of the bored Sunday evenings, I resolved to make some buns for us and immediately set to baking. The dough is very similar to that of the pizza dough recipe I usually follow. Instead of water to knead the dough, I used warm milk. Also, the trick to getting the golden shine on top of the buns is to keep brushing milk while baking the buns. These buns are so yummy, with stuffed masala aloo/potato and flavours of the masala powders and coriander dominating. These would form a perfect tea time evening snack, especially during these rainy cold days. Bonus – house smells like a bakery! 🙂


To make Aloo Buns| Stuffed Masala Buns

  • Servings: makes 4 buns
  • Difficulty: Medium
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What I used –
For the Bun Dough –
  • All-Purpose Flour/Maida, 1 cup
  • Warm Milk, 1/3rd cup (or less) + 2 tbsp (for brushing)
  • Active Dry Yeast, 3/4th tsp
  • Sugar, 1 tsp
  • Salt, as required
  • Butter, ½ tsp
For the Masala Stuffing –
  • Boiled & Mashed Potato, 1 cup
  • Onion, 1 medium
  • Coriander Chopped, 2 tbsp
  • Red Chilli Powder, ½ tsp
  • Coriander Powder, ½ tsp
  • Jeera Powder, ½ tsp
  • Garam Masala Powder, ¼ tsp
  • Salt, as required
  • Oil, 1 tsp


How I made –

1. In a bowl, add warm milk and sugar. Mix well. Add active dry yeast to it and mix it well. Let this mixture rest for 5 mins. It should turn frothy which means that the yeast is active.prep1 (2).jpg

2. In a bowl, add flour and salt – mix well. Make a well in the centre and add the yeast-milk mixture into it. Mix well. The dough should be crumbly. Add more water or milk to knead the dough smooth. Add butter to the dough, knead again. Put it in a greased container and let it rest for an hour in a warm place.prep3 (2).jpg

3. Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan. Add finely chopped onion and fry until translucent. Add all the masala powders – red chilli powder, coriander powder, jeera powder and garam masala powder. Mix well and cook on low flame for 2 mins.prep1.jpg

4. Add boiled and mashed potato to the pan and add salt. Mix well. Cook it for another two minutes. Add finely chopped coriander and mix well. Let this mixture cool.prep2.jpg

5. Make equal sized balls out of the dough and place them on a baking tray lined with aluminum foil. Let the rest for another ten mins. Meanwhile make equal sized balls of the masala stuffing too. Preheat the oven at 180 deg C for 10 mins.prep3.jpg

6. Take each ball of dough and flatten it slightly between your palms. Place the masala stuffing ball in the center of the dough and start pulling the dough from all edges to close the stuffing. Smoothen the bun with your palms and place on the baking tray. Repeat the process with all the dough balls.prep4

7. Apply some milk on top of the buns and bake them at 170 deg C for 20 mins. After ten minutes, slightly bring the baking tray out and brush with some more milk. Remove the buns when the top is golden brown in color and cooked.prep5.jpg

8. Serve immediately with hot tea/coffee.


Note –
  • The stuffing can be made with any choice of vegetables, adding potatoes helps in binding.
  • To make the stuffing spicy, chopped green chillies can be added.
  • Butter is to enhance the flavour of the bun. Oil can be used too.
  • Let the dough rise one more time after making the balls and if there is time, once after stuffing the masala as well.
  • Applying milk ensures that the bun does not become dry and is soft.
  • To get a golden crust, the oven can be put in grill mode for 2-3 mins.
  • Oven timings can vary, pls keep a close eye on the buns while baking.

35 thoughts on “Aloo Buns | Stuffed Masala Buns | Tea Time Snack Recipe

  1. Ah you’re coming up with recipes too quickly.. I don’t have time to try them all! 🙂 This sounds awesome – Thanksgiving weekend coming up – let me see what I can make.
    Also, I tried your set dosa recipe recently and it was really good 🙂 I think I made a mistake in adding a little too much water while grinding the maavu because it was a little thinner than it should be. Still tasted great so I’m not complaining! 🙂

  2. Hi
    Just happened to stumble into ur blog.
    You’ve got a really good collection of recipes.
    Can these buns be prepared up till the stuffing the dough the previous day n stored in the fridge and the baking alone be done in the morning? Will this affect the softness of the buns?


    1. Hi Saraswathi, thanks for your feedback 🙂 Regarding the buns being put in fridge, I have not done it myself. As long as the dough has raised well enough, you can shape it and set it in fridge for a day or two. You would need to let it thaw (come to room temperature) naturally which means you should put it out for an hour or so. I dont think it affects the softness given that the dough has risen properly and you have thawed it. Alternatively, you can actually make these buns and refrigerate them if you are pressed for time. Before serving, either let them come to room temperature or re-heat in pre-heated oven for 5 mins or so. Hope this helps.

  3. Hey. I have only instant active dry yeast. It doesn’t look the yeast shown in the picture.may i use that for this recipe ?

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