Ugadi Special Recipes – A Round-up

Tomorrow is Ugadi, the start of New Year for people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as per the Luni-Solar calendar. I am mesmerized by the different calendars and calculations of the days, months and years and how things differ in every culture. According to the Luni-Solar calendar, the days are measured by the position of the Moon as well as the Sun, which makes it quite different from the Solar Calendar which only depends on the Sun, as followed by people of Tamilnadu (and yes, there is one more New Year right around the corner)

Ugadi, the Telugu New Year brings with it a lot of joy and new hope – it is that time of the year for renewing the missed resolutions and to begin new beautiful things. I have very fond memories of Ugadi and the first thing that comes to my mind, is the Ugadi Pachadi (recipe coming up tomorrow!) which is a mix of all 6 tastes of the world. More on this in detail in tomorrow’s post and for today, I just want to share a couple of memories.

After a lot of struggle, we built our first home 14 years ago and it was a dream come together for our family. We have seen my parents sacrifice a lot, to build this dream home of ours. There is nothing luxurious about it, but the fact that we had a roof over our heads with nothing but our hard earned money, made it seem like a prized possession. We moved in to the new home on the day of Ugadi and for that reason, it would be very close to my heart.

Last year, on the day of Ugadi I did something very gutsy solely based on my instincts – went ahead and bought my first DSLR. For someone with no experience at all, in photography – It was a heavy investment but from then on, it has been my best companion. Many a times, giving me sleepless nights on pictures I could have clicked better but most of the times, bringing in a smile on my face. All thanks to that one drastic step, this blog is alive again 🙂 Over this period of a year, I have come a long way and I have made some good friends too, in the process! The fact that my blog is nominated for NepaliAustralian’s Blog Awards 2015, shows how far I have come in this journey. By the way, if you think that I deserve to win, please head over to this link/click on the badge at the right side bar and vote for my blog in the Best Food Blogs Category.

Okay, time for the recipe round up! Usually, on the day of Ugadi – both sweet and spicy items are prepared and these are the some of the recipes from my blog. Hopefully there would be more by next year!




Nimmakaya Annam/Lemon Rice

Onion Bajji

Carrot Kheer




Allam Pachadi

Rava Kesari

Beetroot Halwa


Semiya Payasam

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        1. Oh no worries. All you have to do is go to the link and comment with the number (5 – which is my blog) for the food blog category 🙂 But really appreciate your gesture 🙂

  1. Happy Ugadi GB 🙂 Wishing you and your family a very happy new year and congrats on the nomination !!! Wishing you many more awards and many more awesome recipes from you for us ?

  2. Happy Ugadi CH! It carries so many memories… I’m so glad you picked up that camera, because I adore your beautiful photography! What a collection of recipes 🙂 Congratulations on the award nomination and best of luck!

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