Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream | Easy No Churn Ice Cream

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I made this super simple ice cream at home a couple of weeks back.. what with my crazy work schedule, I didn’t find time to post the recipe right away. I really wanted to post it soon though, for it was one of the bestest ice creams I have ever made at home and guess what, it took me less than ten minutes to put it together.

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A little confession here – I was not a big fan of plain vanilla ice cream until quite recently. With ice creams, I always love chocolate, chocolate and chocolatier flavor! It was kind of a revelation, having plain vanilla ice cream and I fell in love with it right away. At home, while making this recipe I had chocolate chips and decided to use them! It is quite nice isnt it, getting little chunks of chocolate for every spoonful of silky smooth vanilla ice cream? πŸ™‚

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This recipe calls for only three ingredients. Just three ingredients. Obviously, I am not the first person to invent this recipe and there are 100s of recipes all over the internet. Of the three ingredients, one of it is condensed milk and I love the thick creamy sweet milk out of the tin. With the use of sweetened condensed milk, there is no need to add any more sugar. For the creaminess, I used low fat cream and whisked these two ingredients along with the vanilla extract. Finally, some choco chips were thrown in and the ice cream mixture was put in freezer until set. That’s all – you are all set to enjoy decadent ice cream at home πŸ™‚

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To make Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream | Easy No Churn Ice Cream

  • Servings: makes 2 cups
  • Difficulty: Easy
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What I used –
  • Condensed Milk, 1/3 cup
  • Low Fat Fresh Cream, 3/4 cup
  • Vanilla Extract, Β½ tsp
  • Chocolate Chips, as required

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How I made –

1. In a bowl, add condensed milk, low fat fresh cream and vanilla extract. Using a hand blender or electric whisk, whisk at medium speed until the mixture has soft peaks.

2. Mix through the chocolate chips and pour the mixture into an air tight container. Alternatively, use an aluminum tin and wrap it tightly with aluminum foil. Set it in the deep freeze for 3-4 hrs until set.

3. Scoop out the ice cream and serve immediately!

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Note –
  • I wanted to cut down some calories while making this ice cream quite creamy, hence used low fat fresh cream. It was not possible to get stiff peaks but the texture was quite creamy.
  • The amount of condensed milk can be changed as per desired sweetness. Usually frozen foods taste a bit bland if there is no enough sweetness. If you think the ice cream mixture is quite sweet before setting – that probably would be right once the ice cream is set.
  • I didn’t want to disturb the ice cream while it was being set, hence added the chocochips before putting the mixture in freezer, so all my chips sunk to the bottom. If you want chips throughout, remove the ice cream after 1-2 hrs and mix it with a spoon.
  • Using an air tight container is essential to getting creamy ice cream. Else, there is a high chance of water crystals forming.
  • By the time I was done clicking the pictures, the ice cream slowly started melting. Once I popped it back into the freezer for 20 mins, it was all good again.

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  1. CH this is so exciting…this is the exact same recipe my mom used to use. I love it and make it often. The only difference is she used full cream fresh cream, and then half way through ‘freezing’ time, would give it a stir through then. Have a happy day πŸ™‚

  2. Delicious……I always have Choco chips in my pantry and use them in whichever possible the Choco chip bite in every spoon of the ice cream ..

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