Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa

I can’t believe we are in June already.. I mean where did half of the year go?! Soon, the mango season would be over and before that, I want to post all my special mango recipes that I tried this year. Today’s recipe is a very simple, Fresh Mango Salsa. I love Mexican food and salsa is one of my favorites. Instead of the regular, plain old salsa, how about if we up our game by adding juicy, sweet mangoes?! Salsa tastes a 100 times better, I promise 🙂

Mango Salsa

Mango is not called King of all fruits, for nothing. In my opinion, there is no fruit quite like it. After trying all sorts of desserts and juices with it, I wanted to make something savory with magoes – with a sweet twist. Salsa sounded perfect! We had some store bought nachos and with this mango salsa next to it, the nachos were gone in no time. I loved having spoon-fuls of this mango salsa just like that! It IS super tasty 🙂 With very few ingredients, this salsa screams freshness all over. Do give it a try and drop your comments 🙂

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Mango Salsa

To make Mango Salsa

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
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What I used –
  • Mango, 1 large (ripe and juicy)
  • Onion, 1 small
  • Tomato, 1 small
  • Pickled Jalapenos, 6-7 slices
  • Fresh Coriander Chopped, 2 tbsp
  • Salt, as required
  • Lemon Juice, 1 tbsp (optional)

Mango Salsa

How I made –
  1. Start by removing the peel of the mango and cut into it small pieces. Deseed the tomato and chop it finely. Chop the onion and jalapenos finely too.
  2. In a bowl, add everything together including finely chopped coriander leaves and mix well. Add salt as required and lemon juice (if using). Mix well.
  3. Serve immediately with nachos or in tacos.

Mango Salsa

Note –
  • I did not add lemon juice in mine, as my mango was slightly sour and it seemed perfect without lemon juice. If the mango is too sweet, add lemon juice to cut out the sweetness.
  • There is no measurement as such for onion and tomato, just add as much needed.
  • If fresh jalapenos are available, replace them for the pickled stuff for added zing.

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    1. It is slightly comforting to know that I am not the only one feeling so! 🙂 Thanks Osyth, for dropping by.

    1. Wow wow wow! This is the best news I have heard today 🙂 Thank you so much M 🙂 I am really honored!

  1. Oh, this year is going by so very fast – I can’t believe it is June already!
    I have tried out a couple of mango recipes this year, though not as many as I would have liked to. Haven’t written about them on my blog yet.
    This salsa looks so beautiful!

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