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Eggs. For few years I had the perfect love hate relationship with eggs. Being born into a vegetarian family, eggs were introduced to us kids very late. Mainly for health benefits. Indeed we took it as a medicine, nothing more. In fact I remember those days years ago, when my mom would cut a boiled egg into 4 equal pieces, sit next to us with a jug of water. Yes, we literally chewed & swallowed each piece of egg with a glass of water. Hah! ๐Ÿ˜€


From that kid who was totally not into eggs to this adult who loves eggs โ€“ what a transformation I have had. While I enjoyed an occasional omelet or a scrambled egg โ€“ it was quite a task to still eat hard boiled eggs. And then the wedding happened, life changed. I was introduced to a whole new level of egg recipes. This blog is a proof for how far I have come with hard boiled eggs. Check out the egg recipes here.


Todayโ€™s recipe is a super simple egg fry โ€“ a South Indian style egg roast if you will. Thanks to my mother-in-law, who introduced me to this most awesome masala egg fry recipe that can be put together in less than 5 mins. It works the best as a side dish for hot rice, rasam/sambar or just as it is. For anyone who feel that a hardboiled egg is too bland for their taste, this recipe is a must try!



To make Egg Masala Fry | Muttai Masala Fry

  • Servings: 2-3
  • Difficulty: Easy
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What I used โ€“
  • Eggs, 3
  • Mustard Seeds, ยฝ tsp
  • Fresh Curry Leaves, a few
  • Sambar Powder, 1tbsp
  • Turmeric Powder, a generous pinch
  • Asafoetida/Hing, a generous pinch
  • Oil, 2 tsp
  • Salt, as needed


Prep Work โ€“
  1. Boil the eggs in lots of water for exactly 12 mins. Discard the water and run them through cold water.
  2. Remove the shells off the eggs and make 4-5 cuts on the eggs. Make sure the eggs donโ€™t break. Set aside.
How I made โ€“
  1. In a pan heat oil. Add mustard seeds and let them splutter. Add asafoetida and fresh curry leaves. On a low flame, add turmeric powder, sambar powder and salt needed. Fry for a minute.
  2. Add boiled eggs and fry for a couple of minutes. Make sure the masala is coated well on the eggs. For crispy outer layer, keep frying/roasting for 3-4 mins. Remove from heat.
  3. Serve hot.


Note โ€“
  • To perfectly hard boil the eggs, time them and boil only for 12 mins exactly.
  • Making cuts on the eggs helps get the masala inside the egg.
  • If you donโ€™t have sambar powder โ€“ use ยพ tsp of red chilli powder for ยฝ tsp of coriander powder and ยผ tsp of cumin powder.
  • Adjust spices as per preference.
  • Additionally onions can be added. Once the onions are fried, add the masala powders and continue to remaining process.

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