Laccha Paratha | Multi-Layered Indian Bread

WordPress tell me today is my blog’s third birthday! πŸ™‚ Three years?! That seems like a long time but what a journey it has been so far.. A BIG thank you to the friends I have made here and a very BIG thank you to all the readers too! And last but the not least BIGGEST thank you to those of you who have been trying out my recipes andΒ being the biggest motivation for me to keep doing this every day! Thanks, thanks and thanks πŸ™‚


One of my most favorite Indian breads is Parotta – a multi layered bread usually made from all purpose flour, although I make it with whole wheat flour. Ever since I learnt an easy technique to make Parotta at home, I just follow it to make it easily at home even though there are many ready to eat options available. Today’s recipe – Laccha Paratha is the North Indian cousin to Parotta.


It amazes me how there are so many (SO MANY) cuisines in India and how there are so many things common to each of these cuisines too. This paratha recipe is just one example. As I had used an easy shortcut for my Parotta, I decided to go with the traditional way for making this Laccha Paratha. It is tiny, only a tiny bit difficult but with practice it really gets easier.


I find roti making very therapeutic. On good days I take my time rolling them out perfectly thin and round. And when I make these parathas/parottas, it only get more fun as I not only get to make rotis but later split the layers by punching down the cooked parathas πŸ˜€ So I made these Laccha Parathas to go with my Vegetable Shahi Korma and it was a match made in heaven!


To make Laccha Paratha | Multi-Layered Indian Bread

  • Servings: makes 7 Laccha Parathas
  • Difficulty: Medium
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What I used –
  • Whole Wheat Flour, 2 cups + extra for dusting
  • Salt, as needed
  • Oil, 1 tsp + 2 tbsp + extra for cooking Parathas
  • Water, as needed


How I made –

1. In a bowl, add the whole-wheat flour along with salt – mix well. Sprinkle water little by little and make it into firm pliable dough. Knead the dough for atleast 5-7mins and add a tsp of oil on top – knead again. Let the dough rest for atleast 10mins.


2. Make seven (largish) equal sized balls out of the dough. Dust some wheat flour and roll each ball of dough into a thin roundel or roti. On one of the rolled out roti, using a pastry brush, spread some oil all over. And dust whole wheat flour a little evenly over the top.


3. Starting from one end, pleat the rolled out roti until you reach the other end making sure the pleats are a cm long. Roll the pleated roti to form a roundel. Repeat this with rest of the dough balls.


4. If required dust some flour and roll it again thin. Meanwhile heat a flat tawa/pan. Gently put the rolled out Paratha on hot tawa. On medium flame, cook the paratha on both sides gently pressing it down with a spatula until brown spots appear all over it and the layers puff up perfectly. Apply oil as needed on both sides and remove from heat.


5. Serve hot with Vegetable Shahi Korma or any North Indian gravy. Optionally, serve a wedge of lemon and sliced onions & green chillies.


Note –
  • Instead of whole wheat flour, maida or all-purpose flour can be used but that requires a lot oil right from the dough to the rolling.
  • Ensure that the flame is set on medium. Slow cook the Parathas to ensure even cooking on all sides and the insides.
  • Applying oil and flour on rolled out roti before pleating is what brings the layers out. Apply both evenly.
  • Keep the pleats as thin as possible so that there is scope for many pleats and later when cooked many layers.

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  1. Those freshly made Laccha parathas are such a treat! Love the layers on yours and the detail tips an dphotos! thanks for sharing them with us at Fiesta Friday!

  2. Happy Blogiversay dear! Wishing you many more πŸ™‚
    These look perfectly done! These are really fun to make, from the regular chapatis, sometimes when I’m bored, I just make 1 or 2 from half of the dough like this.. hehe πŸ˜€

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