Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares | No Bake Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

I love anything and everything chocolaty. So what’s not to like in a chocolate?! It’s rich, decadent and highly addictive 🙂 And I truly believe there is nothing that a little chocolate cant solve. But.. how much chocolate is too much chocolate? I think a small piece is good for a day, but my doctor would disagree with me 😀 So, what if we could convert a small slab of chocolate into a delicious treat that lasts for a few days.. now that would be great isn’t it?

That’s why I made these Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares. The internet has no dearth for these rice krispie treats but this recipe is special to me. I have been looking for rice krispies in Bangalore for a couple of years now, without any success. So when I did find rice krispies few days back, I picked it up a pack immediately. For people looking for it in India, do check out bakersmart – they have home delivery option too. It is cost effective and worked perfectly well (btw, this is my opinion and not sponsored)

As I was experimenting with rice krispies for the first time, I chose a very simple recipe to begin with. This recipe by Nigella seemed perfect and I made some modifications depending on the ingredients I had in my pantry. This is a no bake chocolate treat and gets done in 10 mins flat. Moreover, these bars store well for a week and can satiate your chocolate craving anytime 🙂

Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares | No Bake Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

  • Servings: makes 9 medium sized squares
  • Difficulty: Easy
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What I used –
  • Rice Krispies, 1 cup
  • Milk Chocolate, 1/4 cup (~60 gms)
  • Chocolate Syrup, 2 tbsp
  • Unsalted Butter, 1/2 tbsp
  • Almonds, 8-10

Prep Work –

1. Chop the almonds and gently roast them on low flame for 3-4 mins. Set aside.

2. Measure the rice crispies and keep it ready.

3. Line a tray with butter paper or grease it with some butter.

How I made –

1. Set up a double boiler for melting chocolate – Take two bowls in such a way that one is bigger than the other. Half fill the bigger bowl with water and let this come to a boil. In the smaller bowl, add chopped chocolate. Place this smaller bowl on top of the bigger bowl so that it floats in the water. Keep stirring it until the chocolate melts completely.

2. Add butter and chocolate syrup. Whisk well until the mixture is glossy. Remove from the double boiler. Quickly add the rice krispies and roasted almond slivers. Mix well until the rice krispies are coated well.

3. Pour this mixture into lined/greased tray. Press it firmly using a cup or glass. Let it cool down for 5-10 mins. Gently cut into desired shapes and let it rest for another 5-10 mins before taking out.

4. Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator for longer shelf life upto a week.

Note –
  • I roughly measured out 60 gms of chocolate. To be accurate, chop it or grate it and measure by a cup.
  • As the chocolate was thick, I used store bought chocolate syrup for a rich version of the base.
  • Along with almonds, other dry fruits like pistachios, cashews, walnuts or even healthier options like melon seeds or sun flower seeds can be used.
  • Reduce the quantity of rice krispies for a chocolatier version.
  • For a quick version, melt the chocolate in microwave in intervals of 15 secs.
  • Make sure to store these treats in an air tight container or else, the rice krispies would go soggy/chewy.

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