Why Instant Pot Has Become an Essential Kitchen Appliance

Each year is met with different fad products and just like that, everyone tries to get it first. While most of these products, later on, end up in our stores or are neatly boxed away in garages, there is always an exception that continues to create waves.

2016 was the year when Instant pot caught massive attention and by the looks of it, the spot-light isn’t fading anytime soon. These pots are known for their all-in-one functions and has incredibly brought down the cooking efforts, costs and waistlines, making it an absolute kitchen must-have. In case you have missed out on the what’s and why’s, here is what you need to know about this magic pot.

Why Instant Pot Has Become an Essential Kitchen Appliance

Multi-functional Pressure Cooker

Everyone is quite aware of its 7 and even 9-in-1 functions, but the fact is you can do so much more than just these numbered functions. The instant pot is equipped to work as rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer and more, but what most people miss out is that since the pot covers almost all domains of cooking, you get the ground for more experimentation. People have tried and succeeded in making brownies, cakes, ice creams and have perfected hard-boiled eggs on this particular pot. Talk about creating three time meals, let alone three-course dinner.

Instant pot comes in different models and sizes. If you’re looking to buy one, this comparison guide will help you find the right one for yourself.

Instant, Incredible Cooking

The pot does justice to its “instant” title by significantly decreasing the cooking and prepping time. Since almost everything can be done with-in the pot, all it takes is a push of one-button to further carry on the cooking process, rather than focusing on each individual element separately. And all of this comes without the fear of having ruined, soggy dishes in the end. So basically, this pot acts like your cooking partner, taking care of everything from the start till the end, and all you got to do is align the ingredients, push in some buttons and serve quick, incredible meals.

Easy to Use

Despite the level of complexity that this pot can handle, it is relatively a simple pot to use and understand. Because most of the functions are set out in the form of buttons, one only needs to go through the instruction menu once and handle the timer accordingly. The instant pot is known to mold itself according to the user at hand. For instance, even the most beginner of cooks enjoy the speedy, splendid cooking because really, they don’t need to do much with this on their hands. On the other hand, people with sound knowledge of cooking tend to enjoy experimenting more and creating different items with the instant pot.

Safe and Sound

All appliances that involve electricity or heat can pose a serious threat and a big portion of such mishaps take place, unfortunately, in the kitchens. This uncertainty is the main reason why most people have removed pressure cookers from their kitchens and why most hesitate bringing in new gadgets. While the risk factor is always there, instant pots are known to be fully safe as they come with several safety features and are covered by a hefty warranty. All in all, a little mindfulness and vigilance won’t leave any room for mishaps.

Stress-free Maintenance

Now because the safety concern has already been addressed, a good part of the instant pot’s both functionality and safety depends upon how you maintain it. Though the many little components might intimidate you, the instant pot is super easy to clean and maintain. Most of its accessories, including the steamer rack and internal pot, are dishwasher friendly. The exterior doesn’t need heavy duty cleaning at all. And in case you are a professional procrastinator, then really all you have to do is make use of the steamer function to clean it up.

So there it is, all the hype about instant pots covered! Time to get yourself one too.

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