Dum Aloo Recipe

Creamy, rich and spicy Dum Aloo recipe, golden fried baby potatoes cooked in a delicious gravy!

Cheesy Butterflake Herb Loaf

Delicious Cheesy Butterflake Herb Loaf Bread is perfect as it is, with a side of warm soup is so fulfilling 🙂

Whole Wheat Pita Bread

Soft and fluffy whole wheat pita bread – simply delicious and one of the easiest leavened flat breads from middle-east!

Sandwich Bread Recipe

Be it French toast or your favorite sandwich, this classic white sandwich bread is a must!

Masala Paratha

Spicy and flavorful multi-layered Indian flat bread, that is just good on its own

Kadai Paneer Gravy

Mildly spicy, creamy restaurant style Kadai Paneer gravy that is oh-so-delicious!